我們很年輕 Bella Arte Claycraft Workshop成立於2015年。但我們在黏土創作上已有20多年的經驗。


Bella Arte 黏土教室主要由兩位資深黏土導師合辨,提供對黏土有興趣的初學者及進階人仕一個舒適平台,學習及創作黏土作品。我們希望推廣黏土藝術朝多元化及高質數發展,除了提供成人黏土興趣班,也包括成人及兒童黏土證書班、兒童暑期班、團體體驗班、聚會活動等等 。另外, 除了教授黏土之外, 我們會為個人、公司, 設計 和 訂製黏土作品, 作為禮物 或 公司宣傳用途。
Bella Arte Claycraft Workshop更是日本DECO Claycraft Academy在香港唯一認可代理接洽工作室。


我們的黏土導師均持有專業認可資格。主理導師唐雪華小姐,師從國際知名黏土大師宮井和子宮井友紀子老師。唐老師是香港第一代 DECO 粘土課程學生,現已是 DECO 花藝設計科、造型設計科、創意設計科、熱帶花花藝科、創意導師、及各科進階上級導師。亦是Padico 兒童粘土導師日本氣仙仿真甜品導師等等。以往為香港粘土藝術學院Art Around 設計出多個課程,有微型屋及商店、鄉村公仔班、輕粘土花班、高級人形班、兒童粘土證書班。 唐老師從事黏土藝術創作和教學超過20年,曾授于學生過千。





Established in 2015, Bella Arte Claycraft Workshop is a young studio with an excellent team with over 20 years of experience in clay crafting. We believe that with the right technique, there are no boundaries in the clay crafting world. Our studio offers an array of clay crafting classes for all levels, from pure beginners to more advanced crafters who are looking to further sophisticate their skills.
Class categories range from doll making to custom design and will provide detailed instruction on the art and technique of clay crafting. For more information on our instructors, pricing, and a variety of classes offered, please feel free to explore our website and social media.


Bella Arte Claycraft Workshop is established by experienced clay craft artists to provide a leisurely platform for beginners and aspiring clay art lovers to learn and create their own artworks. We wish to promote clay art to higher and more diversified levels. 
In addition to teaching clay craft, we also design, custom-made for individuals, companies, as a gift or corporate promotional use.
Bella Arte Claycraft Workshop also is Japan DECO Claycraft Academy Hong Kong's only authorized agent contact.


Our clay craft teachers are all certified professionals, especially our senior instructor Dorothy Tong
Dorothy is the student of the internationally renowned Clay Art Master Kazuko Miyai and Yukiko Miyai. She is the first generation Japan DECO Claycraft Academy Hong Kong clay craft course student. Dorothy is certified as DECO Flower Course, Modeling Course, DECO Personal Style Gift Course, DECO Tropical Flower, Creative Course instructor. 
Dorothy is also certified as Padico Claycraft Teacher of Children Course, Fake Sweet of Erica Kisen instructor.
Dorothy designed a number of courses for the Hong Kong Claycraft Academy and Art Around in the past 18 years, including dollhouses and shops miniature, country doll classes, light-weight clay flower classes, senior figurine classes, and children's clay certificate classes. 
Dorothy has taught more than thousands of students, she has been a creative clay art artist and an experienced teacher for more than 20 years. 


Join us in experiencing the joy of turning clay in your hands into beautiful artworks.

*圖片屬學員及老師創作 任何盜圖翻用 必定追究

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