Padico Children Clay Instructor


此課程由台灣Padico公司開辦 及發出證書,是一會員制導師證書課程。






*本課程由 「Lulu’s family 粘土·手作·雜貨」的Lulu 老師教授

The course is designed by Taiwan Padico and run under a membership system.
Teaching the use of different clays, materials and techniques, to become a children clay art instructor. 
Need to use the products of Padico during the whole course.

The course contains 3 levels, 24 artworks in total, plus two self-designed artworks as examination project. After completion of the course, one can get students of their own.

 收費 Fees:

                                               材料                                   期費                                           全期

A 級                                        HK$ 1,600                      HK$  1,800(5個月內)     

B 級                                        HK$ 2,300                      HK$  3,500(8個月內)        HK$ 12,000  

C 級                                        HK$ 2,700                      HK$  4,600(9個月內)

考試堂                                    考生自備                          HK$  2,700 (3個月內)        全免(18個月內完成)

報名費                                    HK$    160

升班證書(每級)                 HK$    210

考試證書                                HK$ 1,300




*請假亦請一日前通知取消 當日通知或爽約 當一堂收費


*Lesson by appointment

*Booking or cancellation may need one day notice

*Unnoticed absence will count as the cost of one lesson

*鳴謝露之家借出作品照 任何盜圖翻用 必定追究

*Photos Copyright reserved

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*圖片屬學員及老師創作 任何盜圖翻用 必定追究

*Photos Copyright reserved