Custom Order 客戶訂製

​The Nate

It is our pleasure to have District 15 invites us to make a 3D Floorplan dollhouse project of the Nate. The Nate is a new concept of co-living service apartment in the town centre of TST which started operating in September 2018. 
The 1:12 dollhouse took 5 months to complete. During the making process, we resolved many difficulties and encountered new techniques of clay craft. As a result, our client and we both are very satisfied with the final project.

我們很高興受到 District 15 邀請,為他們在2018年9月開幕的 The Nate 制作立體設計圖項目。The Nate座落於九龍市中心尖沙咀,是推行新一代共生概念服務式住宅項目。 

​Giant Gingerbread House

We accomplished of making a giant gingerbread house out of clay at Christmas 2016. It was a custom made order from a local mobile communications company. It was a great success as the gingerbread house caused a lot of attention when displayed at one of their store for products promotion. Our client was very satisfied with our great teamwork, as well as our final artwork.


2016年聖誕節前,我們接到本地一家電訊商的特别訂單,要求製作了一間童話故事裡的大型薑餅屋,用作推廣電訊商的產品。我們根據客户要求,使其產品能與薑餅屋融合,展示在其中一間分店內,引來很多顧客的注目,獲得極大的成功。客戶對我們團隊 以及 最終的作品都非常滿意。



Gift Order

Wedding Anniversary, Retirement, Birthday, Special Event coming up, troubling with what gift to send to your loved one? We can custom made you an unique and special gift with your information and ideas. 
*Custom made gift needs at least 2 weeks to complete, depends on the complicated level of the order.



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